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The ScripPoint Difference

Not all pharmacy benefit consultants were created equal. Most should be able to provide the basic consulting "blocking and tackling" such as: selecting, implementing, and managing a PBM, ensuring claims are processed correctly, and medications are available anywhere in the US. However, not all are willing to do the heavy lifting of sifting through countless claims and patient demographics to find opportunities to reduce pharmacy benefit costs. 


We operate with an understanding that you have better things to do than manage your pharmacy benefits on a day-to-day basis.  Thanks to high-cost specialty medications, complicated benefit designs, and double-digit annual increases, today’s pharmacy benefit is demanding more time and expertise than most employers and unions are able to provide. Imagine an experienced industry veteran on your side.  Our experts help manage every aspect of your pharmacy benefits so you don’t have to.


This is where ScripPoint shines and how our clients achieve greater savings and member health. 


Going back to the early 1990's, our team started working together when the industry was just gaining momentum. In the 25+ years that followed, each of us learned the intricacies of pharmacy benefits management at some of the largest PBMs and consulting agencies in the nation as well as within our own thriving businesses.  We have become industry experts who have helped thousands of clients and millions of members.


After many years of shaping the pharmacy benefits industry, we came back together to custom-build a new pharmacy benefit consulting service that addresses the top client complaints: High Cost and Headaches. Over a 25-year timeframe, we heard countless times that clients don't have the time or expertise to appropriately manage their pharmacy benefit program. They wanted experts to actively manage their program as if it were their own. In response, we created ScripPoint.  Our hands-on Pharm-acy Benefit Consulting services provide the heavy lifting so that you can stay out of the boardroom and focus on what they do best while driving down the cost of pharmacy.


Employee services

Providing expert pharmacy benefit consulting services requires the highest levels of accountability, flexibility, detail, and responsiveness; the four primary tenants of service that drive all of our actions and decisions.  

Accountable: our team is empowered to manage your program as if it were our own.

Flexible: our long list of pharmacy benefits consulting services can be customized to uniquely meet all of your pharmacy benefit requirements.  

Detailed: in order to find opportunities to lower cost, we are committed to an enormous attention to detail and "getting into the weeds". 

Responsive: in the spirit of true hands-on services, we live and breathe by the motto: "on time and under budget". 


At the end of the day, we love what we do and who we get to work with.  This translates into the highest levels of service for you and your members. 


Our Story

As one of the fastest growing healthcare companies in the US, our family of ScripPoint companies is always looking to add to our ever-growing roster of talent.  We are centrally located in Utah with remote offices across the US.  Check out the currently available positions by clicking below:

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