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The ScripLogic and MedLogic modules are a part of the Xevant family and enable automated client performance achieved through custom pharmacy and medical benefit “performance zones” for each client enhanced by instant alerts for all client stakeholders when performance falls above or below each zone resulting in reduced operational and client cost, improved efficiency and effectiveness and increased client retention.   




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This module allows our clients to avoid costly mistakes resulting from inaccurate benefit coding. Instantly audit any set of live or test claims data to validate adjudicated results against expected.  
From copay models and benefit design to formulary and pharmacy networks, this module enables instant accuracy verification at every level of of benefit customization.  



Xevant offers decreased business operational costs, since you can reduce dependence on staff and resources re-quired to manage clients and the myriad of overlapping client management and reporting systems.  


Additionally, Xevant delivers client-required performance improvements, which differentiates your business in the market place, which increases sales.

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Copay Modeling - CopayLogic:
This module instantly projects the impact of various copay scenarios using live claims data to identify the best member cost-share strategy for any combination of clients, groups or member populations. 
Clinical Services - ClinicalLogic:
The ClinicalLogic module is the cornerstone of the Xevant system, since it helps your business achieve “automated” member health. This module provides active performance alerts focused on member utilization trends compared with outliers. The module delivers alerts instantly to assigned clinicians, who can provide immediate intervention. This immediate intervention results in improved member health, reduced client cost, reduced clinical management and reduced analytical costs. 
Risk Management - PGLogic:
The PGLogic module offers automated business performance means you can optimize all business KPIs across any available measure, including business-specific measures such as performance guarantees, network performance, profitability, etc. Our PGLogic module enables you to autonomously monitor the risk exposure to your entire business while at the same time keeping each individual client in check. 
Executive - KPILogic:
Managed care executives, like all other business leaders, are attempting to juggle many priorities and responsibilities, while keeping the business moving forward. Our KPILogic module not only provides all key metrics across the entire business, but, as with all other modules, it also includes the same performance alerting and communication capabilities that make it possible to automate business performance. 
Custom Modules and Apps:
Although we have created and organized over 1,000 visualizations into several modules and custom client solutions, Xevant continues to expand into new use cases based on client need.  Contact us if you have a specific use case that needs to be built out into a set of visualizations or a full module. 
Other Modules


Client Optimization
Client Management

Your clients don’t just want to be a big fish in a small pond, they want to feel like they’re the ONLY fish. That means we’re here for you whenever you have a question, even if it’s not a scheduled meeting. 


 We are consultants, partners with our clients. We understand each business not only has unique and specialized needs, but also that this industry is dynamic and ever-changing. We can quickly change and adapt the Xevant system to provide the data you need in the package that is easy and efficient to deploy. If we do not have a visualization that fits the bill, we can create it. 

Client Performance

We developed Xevant with the end user in mind, so there are dozens of possible ways you can use it to produce improved business and client performance.


We have collected each scenario into manageable modules, or core areas, that you can quickly deploy to expand the reach of your optimization. There are currently more than 1,000 visualizations, but we are continually expanding into new areas and opportunities. 

Client Profitability

Xevant delivers decreased business operational costs, since you can reduce dependence on staff and resources required to manage clients and the myriad of overlapping client management and re-porting systems.  


Additionally, Xevant delivers client-required performance im-provements, which differentiates your business in the market place while increasing sales.

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Client Retention

Xevant provides improved client retention, satisfaction, and relationships without the traditionally increased cost of high-touch client management models. 

Xevant automates client performance across all metrics critical to each client's perceived success.  This ensures your clients reduce costs and improve member health resulting in the highest levels of satisfaction and retention. 

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