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PBM Procurement

Finding the right PBM starts with understanding our clients.  Through a custom pharmacy benefit RFP process, we help select and negotiate an agreement with the PBM that best matches your unique situation, goals, cost requirements, demographics, benefit design, etc. 

PBM Vendor Management

Although most PBMs provide an exceptional service, it’s easy for them to lose sight of what is important. We maintain deep relationships with your PBM to ensure they deliver all performance guarantees, quickly resolve issues, and provide exactly what they contracted to provide.

Claims and Benefits Auditing

Industry experience, inside knowledge and state-of-the-art claim auditing services give you the edge in understanding the accuracy of your pharmacy benefit program. We audit 100% of prescription claims electronically using our proprietary analysis system so you don’t have to.

Implementation Services

We understand that the best way to reduce cost is to get it right the first time rather than to fix PBM mistakes down the road.  As a continuation of the PBM procurement process, our experts are able to navigate the typical pitfalls of pharmacy benefit implementations. 

Clinical Oversight

Confusing PBM programs and industry jargon can make it tough for most clients to manage their PBM clinical programs.  ScripPoint industry experts are on your side to ensure your clinical programs are properly designed and executed so you can focus on what you do best.

Savings Optimization

Sorting through thousands of patient prescriptions to find savings opportunities can seem like “needles in a haystack”.  However, ScripPoint’s industry experience and savings optimization software makes the daunting task of identifying issues before they are problems feasible.

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