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Prescription Auditing Programs

Industry experience, inside knowledge and state-of-the-art claim audit services give you the edge in understanding the accuracy of your program. We audit 100% of prescription claims electronically using our proprietary analysis system.  Results based upon the data and interpretation of plan documents are written in logical, easy to understand language with exemplary documentation.   


When a discrepancy appears, we have the knowledge and experience to identify the issue and provide a resolution whether it be through programming, management or systems capabilities.  This experience provides the most accurate evaluation of the program, interpretation of plan documents, and interaction with the all other vendors available.   By fully understanding the intricacies of your benefit design, claims history, and program goals, we are able to collaboratively identify opportunities to enhance your program and deliver greater savings.  


When the audit project is complete, you will receive a detailed report identifying the financial accuracy of the program, the precision of administration, and the opportunities for improvement.   

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