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Sorting through thousands of patient prescriptions to find savings opportunities can seem like “needles in a haystack”.  However, ScripPoint’s industry experience and savings optimization software makes the daunting task of identifying issues before they are problems feasible.


Through our innovative and proprietary software we are able to monitor your pharmacy claims to ensure they are within the ranges you have set. This isn't a simple reporting package that is outdated and reviewed quarterly.  The software analyzes your data and alerts us whenever there is a potential threat to your program or opportunity to lower your costs.  Taking it a step further, we are capable of using our software to integrate your pharmacy claims with your medical claims to deep even further into savings opportunites.  


Here's what you won't find with other Pharmacy Benefit Consultants:

  • Customized Pharmacy Solutions: We know that no two businesses are the same, so the benefit plans you provide your members shouldn't be either. We work with you to ensure the benefits you offer your members are tailored to meet your needs

  • Better Trend Management: Because we manage pharmacy benefits to meet each clients' unique needs, our client's average drug trend is typically 5%-10% lower than the average. 

Our PBM vendor management services include each of the following but can be customized based on our clients unique needs:

  1. Plan Performance

  2. Savings Review

  3. Financials Analysis

  4. Utilization Analysis

  5. Clinical Analysis

  6. Plan Design Analysis

  7. Contract Analysis 

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